Vehicle Hire FAQs

How old are your Vehicles?
Our campers are always less than 5 years old.   We buy campers new and use for a 5 year period.  All campers are constantly maintained by us and have never been used for anything other than camping. 

Defenders are a little different and they vary in age. Get in touch to find out more. 

Do you have any automatic campers? 
Yes.   All of our mini campers are Automatic.  We have select VW Campers that are auto, please make sure at the time of booking that you inform the agent that you can only drive auto.  If you simply would prefer an auto, please also make that clear and we will endeavour to assign you an auto. 

How old do you have to be to hire your vehicles?
Insurance is available for 25 - 75.   If you are over 75, please also email with your licence details and driving history.  We may still be able to get you insured on a case by case basis. 

Can I use my own insurance? 
No.   Only hire drive insurance provided by our rental policy is allowed whilst on hire. 

I’ve just passed my test, can I drive? 
No.  Drivers must have 24 months of driving experience before they can hire. 

Do I need a special licence to hire?
All of our rental vehicles can be driven on a standard car driving licence.   All vehicles are under 3,500kg

How many people can travel in the campers? 
Mini Camper can sleep 2 people with 2 seatbelts
VW Camper can sleep 4 people with 5 seatbelts

Can I collect or return on a Sunday? 
No.  We are not open on a Sunday for either collection or return. 

We have small children, can we fit 5 in a VW Camper?
Yes, the VW Camper has 5 seatbelts and 2 double beds.   If you have a small child that would be able to sleep between the parents, you would be able to travel with 5.  For bigger children you would need to take an extra tent for the 5th passenger.

What campers most suitable for our trip? 
- The Mini Camper is great for solo travellers or couples that just need somewhere warm and comfy to stay.   The mini camper whilst having all the camping essentials has a smaller floor plan.   
- The VW has a more sociable layout to the mini.  With a dining area for 4 passengers to be sat facing each other, it offers more space.  

What time can we collect & return our camper? 
- Collections are 3pm on the first day of hire
- Returns are 10:30am

We want to travel to you by car, can we park our car whilst away? 
Paid for long term parking can be found close by.   Please contact the office for more information. 

Why can’t I collect from your depot? 
The rental depot in Scotland is just used for preparing and cleaning the campers.   There is no parking available at the base.

Can we return later than the stated time? 
We aim to have the campers rented out every night.   To enable enough time for cleaning and preparation for the next hire, we have to stick to our times unless arrange previously with the office. 

I have a UK licence and I have 9 points, can I hire? 
We have to refer your licence to our insurance company if you have more than 7 points on your licence. 

Is it hard to find places to camp? 
We recommend that the campers should visit campsites if not every night, once every 3 or 4 nights to charge your battery.   We use the Visit Scotland website for campsite information, the Camping and Caravanning Club website for club sites.   The app Park4night for wild camping spots and advice.

Can I stay in Camping and Caravanning Club sites?
Yes.  Our campers are all members of the Privilege scheme.  The camper will have both a sticker on the windscreen and a key fob to show on check in.   When making a booking, please make sure and let the campsite know that you are travelling in a rental vehicle that’s part of the Privilege scheme.   

The campsite needs my registration number to make a booking. 
We cannot provide the registration until a few days before.   With larger fleets, we’re not sure what camper you will be travelling in. Please let the campsite know you are travelling in a rental vehicle. 

The campsite needs the size of my camper for booking a pitch.
- The VW Campervan is 4.98m long
- The Mini Camper is 4.88m long

What is the excess insurance I am liable for? 
The excess is £750.  Any costs will be deducted from this amount.  Insurance reducers are available to purchase. 

Will my camper have gas for cooking included in the price? 
No.  Gas is as left by previous hire.  If you want to guarantee a full bottle, please order and we will fit for handover.  

I don’t think we’ll cook in the camper, this might change, can I buy my gas whilst on hire? 
Yes, it can be challenging to find gas whilst in more remote areas. 

Can I bring my own bedding? 
Yes, please bring a sheet if using sleeping bags or duvets.   We do not allow sleeping directly on the upholstery.

Can you recommend a route for our holiday? 
Yes, please visit the section of our site for holiday suggestions. Or get in touch with our team of adventure experts for more information and amazing route choices. 

How many days to do the NC500. 
Please don’t attempt to do this trip in less than 5 nights. 
Shall I bring hard case suitcases? 
No.  Please bring light bags that can be stored away when unpacked. 

I’m travelling with a friend in a VW camper and we don’t want to share a bed?
Please let the depot know and we will provide bedding for each person.