4x4 Hire Glasgow

4x4 Hire Glasgow

At Trax we offer 4x4 Hire Glasgow in Scotland. If you still don’t know why you should try out 4x4 Defender hire and make the most adventurous and exciting memories - then read on! We are so excited to talk you through all the possibilities. 

4x4 Hire Glasgow

Why 4x4 Defenders?

Defenders are the perfect vehicles to be used for adventure travel, especially in the rainy muddy weather and winter. 4x4 Hire Glasgow is definitely not for the fainthearted! Explore the dramatic Scottish Highlands and the beautiful lochs in the defender by taking the hidden rails instead of the main roads. Our 4x4 Defenders give you the freedom to roam around and stay off grid for a few days or even mix it up and stay at some cool campsites. The beauty of 4x4 Hire Glasgow is that Scotland is the most adventurous place to be to experience the full package of our Defender hire. Experience the unforgettable memories of wild camping pretty much in the middle of nowhere. 

Our 4x4 Defenders 

The Defenders that we have in our fleet are the 110 Land Rover Defenders. Rest assured, all our Defenders are equipped for any time of the day and weather, with all the safety gear needed. The best way to tackle 4x4 Hire Glasgow is with our vehicles. These are a great alternative to a campervan or a standard car hire to enjoy and explore the scenery. They have a commercial load space at the rear as well as seating for 5 people, including 5 seatbelts, so you know you are in good hands. Our defenders come equipped with a tow bar too. You can pick up our 4x4 Defenders right in the city centre of 4x4 Hire Glasgow. After your collection you can head straight away to the highlands which are only approximately 45 minutes away. Our prices are listed on our website here. No matter where you will be travelling, we have you covered. Whether, you are travelling on your own, in a group or even booked a 4x4 Defender for stag & hen parties - you can count on us! If you ever have any questions regarding our 4x4 Defenders, get in touch with us via email hello@igetlost.co.uk or Instagram @trax_adventure

4x4 Hire Glasgow in Scotland offered by Trax


We recommend exploring Scotland in the autumn and winter months. This is for quite a few reasons really, first is you get the best enjoyable times in these weather conditions and 4x4 Hire Glasgow defender is a more epic experience in these months, meaning you get to see a different side of the Scottish scenery and get to enjoy all the winter sports too! Winter 4x4 Defender camping is next level, you get clear skies during the day and starry nights. Whether you are exploring the NC500 route or touring towards a specific destination, the views will be breathtaking. Now, this one is epic! The Northern Lights in Scotland can be seen in most Northern parts of Scotland, it’s never a guarantee but it is one of the main reasons why our customers like to travel in the winter more. And of course, the fun of driving in the snow (if we are lucky this year that is). The roads tend to be quieter during the autumn and winter, which makes it a perfect excuse to find hidden gems behind hidden tracks and explore Scotland a bit deeper than just what you see. 4x4 Hire Glasgow gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your hire to the fullest, knowing you have all the equipment you need and the have roadside assistance cover as standard. We definitely encourage you to park your 4x4 Defender and explore the snowy mountains on foot. 

Muddy experience with 4x4 Hire Glasgow in Scotland by Trax for defenders

Places to visit 

Explore Glencoe with your 4x4 Hire Glasgow defender. It is located between the banks of Loch Leven and the mouth of famous glen, making it the ideal base for exploring the Lochaber. Glencoe is even featured in the famous movies Harry Potter and Skyfall. The reason we are recommending you to visit Glencoe Mountain Resort is because of the winter sports/activities you can experience and why not pair it with the iconic 4x4 Defender hire too from 4x4 Hire Glasgow. The resort is located on Rannoch Moor with stunning views of Buachaille Etive Mor. If you feel like it will be too cold for you to sleep over in the Defender (even with all the extra layers you have bought with you). Then here they do offer microlodges, but you have to book in advance. The White Corries Cafe is open all year round - you hot food and hot drinks are sorted! 

We hope to see you soon!

Hopefully we have covered the main bits and bobs about our 4x4 Defender Hire. but of course, if we have missed something that you would like to know. Get in touch with us via email hello@igetlost.co.uk, Instagram @trax_adventure or even send us across a contact form via our website and one of our 4x4 Defender Hire experts will be in touch with you.