4x4 Hire Winter Adventure

4x4 Hire Winter Adventure

4x4 Hire Winter is on the top priority bucket list for most of our customers this year. I mean who doesn’t love snow?! Especially experiencing 4x4 defenders driving in the snow. The 110 Land Rover Defenders have become the new in during the winter and we are totally here for it. The wild camping experience you will gain from the defenders is drastically different to the campervans. If you love travelling all year round we recommend hiring our Trax campervans during spring and summer and then hiring the 4x4 defenders in the autumn and winter. All out vehicles are equipped with all the latest tech. They will handle Scotland’s rugged terrain with no problem at all and will adapt to the weather easily. 

4x4 Hire Winter Adventure

Spotting Scotland’s winter wildlife

If you are like us, we love wildlife spotting in Scotland while 4x4 Hire Winter defender is happening. In the mountains of Cairngorms you can spot red deer stride across snow dusted hillsides. Head out on a wild tour too. It's beautiful. One of our employees has gone and they absolutely loved it! The tour guides took them to the sightings where they had the best chance of spotting wildlife and it was not disappointing for sure. Head towards Isle of Mull or Ardnamurchan peninsula where you can spot sea eagles. How could we forget, head to Nocturnal wildlife tours where you get to see wildlife in the dark under the thermal technology - this is based in Castle Douglas in Dumfries & Galloway.

Fridge Ice Factor in Scotland 

This activity centre is located in Kinlochleven, Lochaber. They offer ice climbing activities as well as lessons if you want to take them. It's the most fun 2 hours you will have ice climbing on a 40ft ice wall, you will get to grips with the basics. This place is only two and a half hours away from 4x4 Hire Winter in Glasgow. 

4x4 Hire Winter Adventure wildlife spotting in 4x4 defenders

Walking in the snow? Hell yeah! 

Do you love walking and love the snow? Well this is right up your street. Only 2 hours away from 4x4 Hire Winter in Glasgow is the Mains of Taymouth. They organise snowshoeing trips that you can freely do on the path shown. Or you can take guided expeditions. They also offer half day taster sessions, so you can check it out before you commit for a full walk. The sessions take place in Callander in the Trossachs. You know it! The best way to get there is of course with a 4x4 110 Land Rover Defender!


If you don’t fancy anything too adventurous this winter coming up then why not just have laughs and giggles with your family and friends while curling? There are many curling clubs around Scotland, such as in Dumfries in the South to Elgin in the highlands. If you are not into this, once the lochs and ponds freeze in the winter curling is played outdoors. You can find a small ish pond for your fun activity with 4x4 Hire Winter in Glasgow.

4x4 Hire Winter Adventure Curling activities in Scotland

Cairngorm Sleddog Centre

We are super excited to recommend this to you. We love dogs, obviously and this is super coooool. Not having to travel abroad to Finland just to experience Husky sledding is amazing. You can do it right in Scotland. You might be surprised as we were at first that there actually are quite a lot of sled dog racing events in Scotland. The popular rallies take place in the winter months, which is perfect for you guys because you will be travelling with 4x4 Hire Winter defender from Trax right during the winter. You can easily book a sled dog safari or training session with the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre located in Aviemore.    

Sleddog in Scotland Cairngorms 4x4 Hire Winter by Trax

Ski Across Scottish Mountains

You probably already know that snowsports are a huge thing during the winter in Scotland. Well, if you didn’t you do now haha. There are a lot of fantastic ski centres in Scotland that you can get to via 4x4 Hire Winter defenders. Don’t forget to book in advance, so we can guarantee you a defender for your hire trip! The guided tours near Aviemore in the Highlands are reachable within 3 hours from Glasgow City Centre. These guided tours would be a perfect Christmas Gift for anyone who loves winter sports/activities. Why not book a not so traditional Christmas holiday to Scotland and enjoy the winter activities with the whole family? It would be such a blast and even kids would love it! Unless of course, you usually travel to places like Spain and Caribbean islands. At least one Christmas holiday experienced the proper snow that Scotland can offer while hiring 4x4 Hire Winter defenders from Trax in Scotland. If you are not really a skiing type of person they offer the choice of snowboarding too. Snowboarding classes are a great way to engage your kiddos in the holiday fun activities too.  

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Hopefully we have covered the main bits and bobs about our 4x4 Hire Winter, but of course, if we have missed something that you would like to know. Get in touch with us via email hello@igetlost.co.uk, Instagram @trax_adventure or even send us across a contact form via our website and one of our 4x4 Defender Hire experts will be in touch with you.