Best trips in your 4x4 Defender

Best trips in your 4x4 Defender

Defender Hire Glasgow has become so popular that we just can’t stop hearing about it! It has become the new adventure vehicle to travel in to explore Scotland in a more fun way, instead of the traditional way of camping in a campervan. Our 4x4 Land Rover Defenders have been kitted out to provide you the best experience ever! They will handle Scotland’s rugged terrain with no problems at all. Our fleet of Defender Hire Glasgow is ready to be booked up by you guys, whether it will be as a group hire or individually. Why not plan a stag or a hen party to do an outing with a defender?! Everyone would love it and it’s so out of the ordinary so everyone will remember it for a long time! Our 4x4 110 Land Rover Defenders have 5 seats with 5 seat belts - you can find all the information and equipment that they have over here on our website.

Best trips in your 4x4 Defender


Defender Hire Glasgow offers collection and drop off in the city centre (this is all year round), so it is accessible to everyone to get there. From Glasgow you only need to head out about an hour and you will reach the Scottish Highlands. If you are travelling in the winter months - we have the best place for you to travel to and enjoy the winter sports that they offer! Glencoe is about 2 hours away from Defender Hire Glasgow via the A82. Once you get to Glencoe head towards Glencoe Mountain Resorts - it is only 20 minutes away. As soon as you arrive here you will feel like you have hit a jackpot! No exaggeration we promise! There are so many winter activities available here, from snowboarding to skiing and sledging too. Sledging would be super fun for the younger ones if you are travelling as a family. They do offer lessons too, so if you have never been skiing or snowboarding then you can learn the basics. There are multiple runs that you can choose to use. This is so that if you are not comfortable you can choose the beginner slope before you head towards the variety terrain slope. You will be glad to know that the prices range from £15 - £30 so there are options even if you are on a budget. The main thing is that you are going to enjoy yourselves! 

Glencoe Mountain Resort Defender Hire Glasgow


Now this is where the fun begins! Travelling through the autumns and winter months is the best weather for these activities. Defender Hire Glasgow is only 45 minutes away from Gleneagles. For all you adventure junkies this is something different. There are many 4x4 Land Rover Defender activities you can do. For example, you can drive on the rugged terrain of Gleneagles around Dollar Glen, you will get to see pretty creeks too. If you are a fan of golf then Crieff Golf Club is the place to go. The best activity so far over here is the Skydiving Strathallan experience. This is not something you get to do everyday - we definitely recommend this. If you have to relax in Scotland while driving around the highlands, why not stop by the Tullibardine Distillery and get some whiskey. They offer day tours too, if you are into things like these. 

Wildlife spotting  

While you are travelling around Scotland and exploring the nooks and crannies of Scottish Highlands, spotting wildlife is for sure the most relaxing activity to do. We know that not everyone is into adventure activities, so here are some spots where you can enjoy some wildlife spotting. St Abb’s Head National Nature Reserve is a coastal haven, home to thousands of seabirds, such as guillemots and razorbills. Why not head into the islands to the Mire Loch to spot the butterflies?! I mean who doesn’t love butterflies right? There is no way you can miss out on the Highland Coo’s haha, you can spot them pretty much wherever you travel in Scotland. The Balmacara Estate is the perfect spot to spot seals, otters, whales and dolphins. Don’t forget to bring your boots in the Defender Hire Glasgow so you can get all muddy and completely enjoy the full 4x4 Defender experience. The Mar Lodge Estate is definitely the one to visit. It is considered as the wonderland for Scottish wildlife. You can spot moors, red grouse. If you love bird watching you may even spot a gold eagle when red deer stags start to rut. At the Staffa national reserve you can spot wonderful bird life, as well as their iconic hexagonal rock columns. Enjoy the calm puffin spotting picnic at the back of your 4x4 defender that you have hired from Defender Hire Glasgow.

Defender Hire Glasgow by Trax in Scotland

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Hopefully we have covered the main bits and bobs about our Defender Hire Glasgow. but of course, if we have missed something that you would like to know. Get in touch with us via email, Instagram @trax_adventure or even send us across a contact form via our website and one of our 4x4 Defender Hire experts will be in touch with you.