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Glasgow to Inverness Ultimate Campervan Hire Adventure

Not sure where to head to this summer in your Glasgow Campervan hire? Maybe you thought NC500 is a bit of a long way for you because you are making a shorter trip than recommended or maybe you just fancy travelling somewhere else and not the usual routes on NC500. In this guide we’ll cover the most exciting Glasgow Campervan stops travelling from Glasgow to Inverness. Whether you are travelling on your own, with a family or your friends - this guide has it all covered! 


Your Glasgow Campervan will be ready to be collected by you in Glasgow City Centre between 15:00 - 16:00 and you’ll be returning the campervan at the same place between 10:00 - 11:00. Right after you have picked up your campervan you may have already planned where to go but if you are like some of us that you haven’t planned yet and wanted to explore Glasgow then the great next stop ahead we recommend is West Highland Way Campsite. It is dog friendly for those that are travelling with your little furry ones. This campsite is located in Blanefield, Glasgow and it;s 9.4 miles away from Glasgow City Centre. Not too far away, so you can still head into the city and explore all the pubs and restaurants that you wanted to. 

Collecting your Glasgow Campervan Hire van


We definitely recommend visiting the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. It is pretty much on the way to Inverness, trust us you don’t want to miss this! On Sunday morning, you can head to Stockbridge, just west of New Town, to visit the weekly street food and farmer’s market. Great way to try out new foods, if you are travelling from abroad or just stock up with food for your Glasgow Campervan adventure. The Edinburgh Castle is a must to visit while you are sightseeing. The admission tickets are not pricey so you can still complete your Glasgow Campervan adventure on a budget too. The museum of Scotland is located in the romantic Old Town. You can visit the museum and find a local romantic restaurant at the same time. One of our Trax employees has recommended the Royal Botanic Garden, this is situated 72 acres just outside of the city centre. The ‘urban jungle’ has thousands of plant varieties (perfect for those you love gardening and plants) with a Chinese garden on a hillside. 

Touring in your Glasgow Campervan Hire


If you have some time, spend a day or the afternoon exploring the historic charm of Perth. The city of Perth is known as ‘The Fair City’. There are plenty of experiences you can book to tour Perth, such as the Outlaw King tour, Scottish Highlands private tour, 3 day outlander tour - all these are great if you are looking for extra fun activities to do instead of just walking around and exploring Perth on foot. It’s even better travelling with a Glasgow Campervan because you can park pretty much anywhere! If you are all about nature like us, you will love the Muirward Wood Forest. It has a biking trail and a hiking trail. Most of our customers bring their bikes with themselves for this exact reason to enjoy the biking trails. But even if you don’t have a bike and want to explore the forests the hiking trails are perfect for this! Be sure to be wearing appropriate hiking boots and have lots of water with you and snacks!


Newtonmore is a village located in the upper of the Spey Valley within the Cairngorms National Park. This village is popular with anglers and grouse hunters. It is situated only 12 miles from Aviemore, so with your Glasgow Campervan you’ll be there in no time! This lovely village offers a lot of outdoorsy activities, such as cycle and walking trails and also pony-trekking. You can also find there Wild Cat Trail and Wild Cat experience - perfect for the whole family! The stunning views onto the mountains are unforgettable especially driving around in your Glasgow Campervan, you are allowed to wild camp - but make sure you pick up all your litter and don’t disrespect the surroundings.

Glasgow Campervan Hire What to Expect


Of course, Inverness is the final destination in this guide in your Glasgow Campervan. Inverness is popular for it’s natural landscapes, quaint towns, medieval ruins and prehistoric sites. Inverness is located in the Scottish Highlands but don’t worry it is very accessible with your Glasgow Campervan. If you are into history, visiting the Forget George is for you! It is a historic site of Military bases and facilities. Perfect for you kiddos to learn a few bits and bobs while travelling. Inverness Castle is another great pit stop for everyone. The castle sits on the river and you can climb to the viewpoint and the views are breathtaking!