Hire a small campervan from Glasgow

Hire a small campervan from Glasgow

Small Campervan Glasgow is definitely a popular choice by many of our customers. Especially when travelling with your loved one or only one of your friends. To be honest we even get travellers on their one and with their furry friend. Whichever way you love to travel - we got you sorted! Scotland is by far the most popular location to hire a Small Campervan Glasgow. Glasgow is a perfectly situated city in Scotland. It has all the major shops you would like to visit, restaurants and pubs. This is why we offer the collection and drop off of your campervan in Glasgow, as it’s reachable by many with public transport too. 

Small Campervan Glasgow

Have you visited Scotland already or are you a first timer? Well it doesn’t really matter because our top tips guide to travelling in Scotland with a Small Campervan Glasgow is the best guide out there! We will cover all the famous stops and hidden gems that are accessible with your Mini Camper or even a Campervan. You may be wondering what’s the actual difference between the two campers we offer? The main difference in the campers is that the Mini Camper has 2 berths, meaning it only sleeps 2 people. Whereas the Campervan is a 4 berth, meaning it sleeps 4 people. Small Campervan Glasgow seems to be more popular with travellers that are backpacking, so they have less items with them, whereas Campervans are more popular for a group of people. 

Once you collect your Small Campervan Glasgow on Dundas Street near the train station. Why not head towards Inverness? It is a very  popular location for it’s natural landscapes, quaint towns, medieval ruins and prehistoric sites. Inverness is located in the Scottish Highlands but don’t worry it is very accessible with your campervan. If you are into history, visiting the Forget George is for you! It is a historic site of Military bases and facilities. Perfect for you and kiddos to learn a few bits and bobs while travelling. Inverness Castle is another great pit stop for everyone. The castle sits on the river and you can climb to the viewpoint and the views are breathtaking! Trust us, we have been and done it and we cannot recommend enough.

Now when we say that John O’Groats is popular then it really is! So many of our customers have sent us photos for our Instagram by the John O’Groats sign post. From Inverness it will take you about 3 hours depending on traffic to get there in your Small Campervan Glasgow. You will follow the A9 and A99.If you are thinking of heading there first and skipping Inverness from Glasgow then it will take around 6 hours. You will be travelling near the coastline, so definitely make the most of it! Stop at some of the locations in between and snap some photos to make your memories last forever! So John O'Groats is a village by Canisbay Caithness in the far North of Scotland. Here you can actually take a ferry to Orkney Islands. The ferry takes about 40 minutes. The Seaman Foghorn Memorial is located just a few minutes walk from the signpost. If you are lucky you will get to see the Bumble Bee’s, by the Inn at John O’Groats you can get there with your Small Campervan Glasgow.

John O'Groats travelling with a Small Campervan from Glasgow

Then head down South again towards the Isle of Skye with your Small Campervan Glasgow. The Isle of Skye is absolutely beautiful. You are not going to regret travelling here. We recommend visiting the capital of Isle of Skye, which is Portree then the villages North of the Island called Dunvegan, Uig and Staffin. The island has a rich history covering many topics, such as Dinosaur Fossils (this would be popular with your wee kids), the infamous Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite Rebellion. A very popular trip must be made to the Talisker Distillery. There are few things that remind me of Scotland more than a good whisky. Talisker Distillery was built on the shores of Loch Harport in 1830 and is now the only single malt distillery on the Isle of Skye. The distillery offers guided tours so you can see for yourself how the whisky is made. You can treat yourself without feeling guilty too as you’ll be handed a discount voucher for a bottle of malt from the shop. Look out for seabirds and mammals at the northernmost point of the Isle of Skye. To reach this beautiful place, you will have to take the 3km walk to the very tip of the island. There are a couple of challenging sections, particularly one steep section down some rocks, but it shouldn’t cause too many problems. The patch will soon reach the lookout, which is now a bothy maintained by the Mountain Bothies Association.

Customers hiring a mini camper from Trax in Scotland