NC500 Campervan Hire

NC500 Campervan Hire

NC500 Campervan Hire is the most sought after trip around Scotland. We have many customers coming to us with maps of the NC500 and asking us for recommendations of places where they should stop or even stay overnight. We thought it would be a great idea to give you guys some top tips from our Trax travel experts on some beautiful places that you need to visit while hiring one of our camper vans or mini campers. Our camper vans are equipped with all the necessary kitchen utensils you would need while on your trip. Our campervans will sleep 4 people whereas the mini campers will sleep only 2. We do have pet friendly vehicles available too and it is an option to add while you are booking with us. There are more extras that you can add to your booking, such as no worries insurance, pet friendly vehicle, camper table and chairs, gas, baby seat, sat nav and a bike rack. The collections and drop offs happen at our remote location in Glasgow City Centre on Dundas Street, this is so that the location is accessible via public transport too. Making it easier for everyone to pick up their campervans. For all your winter adventures we have our 4x4 110 Land Rover Defenders.

NC 500 Campervan Hire by Trax in Glasgow


Starting your NC 500 Campervan Hire from Glasgow to Inverness. Inverness is popular for it’s natural landscapes, quaint towns, medieval ruins and prehistoric sites. Inverness is located in the Scottish Highlands, it is only about 3 hours away from Glasgow. Visiting the Forget George would be a great activity for the whole family as it is a historic site of Military bases and facilities. If your kids are into history then this is the place. Inverness Castle is a fantastic choice to visit while stopping here. The Castle sits on the river, you can climb to the viewpoint, which by the way we definitely recommend. The views are beautiful - you will thank us!

Wester Ross

This is the Northwest Highlands of Scotland that you can explore while travelling the NC500 Campervan Hire. Wester Ross is known for its remoteness and natural beauty. It is situated between Loch Carron and Ullapool. Why not visit the Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve, where you can choose either activities of a woodland trail or a mountain trail. Both walks pass through the remains of the great Caledonian pine forest. Fun fact, the pine trees are compact like Bonsai trees. The highest mountain of Beinn Eighe is 1009 meters. The views from the top are unforgettable and you guys definitely need to experience it. You will feel like you have accomplished a great achievement that day!

NC 500 Campervan Hire Ullapool in Scotland


Sutherland is a historic county. Located near Caithness and Moray Firth. If you love golfing while travelling then why not visit Brora Golf Club, the beach is right next to it and the sea, you will have some amazing views while playing golf. Fly Fishing is an activity that you just have to try while travelling the NC500 Campervan Hire, it will be fun for all ages. You can go fly fishing in Elphin, on the renowned Lochs of Cam, Veyatie and Urigill. If you are a bit more adventurous try out the canoeing, sea kayaking, rock climbing that the Hamlet Mountaineering offers in Achiltibuie.    

Isle of Skye 

Isle of Skye is a popular option on most travellers' wish list! From NC500 Campervan Hire people tend to venture out straight towards Isle of Skye. There are a lot of fun things to do. Go and visit the original distillery here, it is set on shores of Loch Harport with excellent views of the Cuillins. Of course, you can enjoy the Single Malt whisky yourself too! Are you interested in history? We got you covered! Go and visit The Skye Museum of Island Life. you’ll be able to see old tools they used to use, thatched cottages too. Once you step inside the museum it will feel like you are stepping into an old Highland village. The museum offers a true insight of how it was 100 years ago. 

Isle of Skye travelling NC 500 Campervan Hire by Trax

John O’Groats

Visit John O’Groats while travelling the NC500 Campervan Hire, the more North you go the more chances you have to witness the aurora. Just 11 miles away from the Dunnet Head, the most Northerly point of Britain is located. Many people visit this place and take a photo with the sign post. Don’t forget to send us some photos to share on our social media. We would love to see where you guys have adventured off to. Walkers can follow a scenic coastal path from John O’Groats along the north coast front he east of the town to Duncansby Head Lighthouse. You can take a boat trip too which is available from the town centre. 

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Hopefully we have covered the main bits and bobs about our NC500 travel tips, but of course, if we have missed something that you would like to know. Get in touch with us via email, Instagram @trax_adventure or even send us across a contact form via our website and one of our Travel Hire experts will be in touch with you.