North Coast 500 Campervan Hire

North Coast 500 Campervan Hire

North Coast 500 Campervan Hire is by far the most popular route to travel while hiring a campervan in Scotland. Literally, 9/10 customers have always got NC500 planned. We do recommend leaving 5-7 days if you are wanting to complete the whole route. There are a few places where you can get off the main road and ‘GET LOST’ as we say, but not really haha! You will be able to get a map as well, so if you are wanting to follow the map for North Coast 500 Campervan Hire then you can instead of the modern way maps on your iphone. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @trax_adventure and send in any photos you don’t mind us sharing on our social media.

North Coast 500 Campervan Hire

We say this to everyone and we will say it now too - plan ahead! Without a good plan you can get into quite a pickle. Consider the type of weather you are expecting, I think everyone knows that Scotland can be a bit rainy, so plan for that! Get an extra pair of clothes if you get soaked. North Coast 500 Campervan Hire is located in Glasgow city centre for collections and drop offs, so you can always catch the train into the city and pick up your campervan or mini camper from there. Back to the weather now, even in the summer you can expect some rain so just be ready but all in all the weather is usually sunny! There are definitely endless things to see and do, I mean where do I even start. You can visit historic castles, for example the Eilean Donan Castle. You can travel around the coast and visit all the beaches and lochs. Here you can even join water sports if you are into that. We do like a bit of adventure so we are all up for hiking, cycling, kayaking or even paddle boarding. 

North Coast 500 Campervan Hire 4 berth campervan Scotland

North Coast 500 Campervan Hire is awesome! Because it gives you so much freedom compared to booking a B&B or a hotel in various spaces. To be honest it works out even cheaper/same price depending on how much you would have spent on booking a room overnight. Some of our customers like to stay off grid. You can definitely do this and the battery in the campervan will last as long as you have travelled at least 3 hours for a few days, as it charges while you are travelling. If you are not into the whole wild camping adventure, there are lots of campsites to choose from along the North Coast 500 Campervan Hire places. Make sure you drive responsibly as there is a lot of wildlife along the route and we don’t want any accidents happening! 

I’m sure you guys would love some recommendations for some great places to eat and drink. Well if you are heading to Black Isle (it’s not black or an isle haha). It is slightly off route but it's famous for its rich farmland and popular food and drink, such as craft beer and you won’t believe it! It is one of the best spots in Scotland to spot dolphins!!

Hiking on Ben Nevis on North Coast 500 Campervan Hire Scotland

Take your North Coast 500 Campervan Hire towards Wester Ross - this is a must-see location to see. It’s famous for its breathtaking landscapes, secretive lochs, mountain peaks and Mediterranean Style beaches. You will be travelling across Sutherland. Sutherland actually makes up lots of the North Coast 500 Campervan Hire route on the map. At the North West the hills meet the sea! Once you see it you will know what we mean. If you were planning on enjoying some time golfing well you’ll be able to find a great spot round here in Sutherland. Caithness is located on the most North Eastern part of the NC500 and fun fact, it serves as the most northern county in Britain to still claim royal connections! Durness is the most westerly village in the Scottish highlands and is surrounded with beaches, turquoise waters and rocky coastline. We have planned a lot of activities on our North Coast 500 Campervan Hire journey, as we love adventure activities too, not just sightseeing and walking around. We have climbed the Ben Stack mountain. You need to see the views from here absolutely breathtaking. Then we relaxed at the Balnakeil Bay, cooked a lovely lunch and just took in the views and relaxed.

NC500 Glasgow map route spotting from Trax in a campervan

But whatever route you take via the NC500 you will for sure love it or even if you only complete half of it and some other time come back and complete the other half. It just doesn’t matter as long as you had lots of fun times, seeing the beautiful Scottish Highlands in their glory makes all the difference. Enjoy your time and get in touch with us if you have any questions!