Stand up paddleboards for your campervan

Stand up paddleboards for your campervan

Here at Trax we often get asked what sort of activity items would we recommend as a must have when travelling around Scotland in a campervan. We think having a stand up paddleboard at the back of your campervan is a great idea! Check out these ideas once you've collected your VW Campervan from Glasgow

Stand up paddle boards Glasgow Camping

What is a stand up paddleboard?

Stand up paddleboarding is part of very popular watersports here in Scotland. A stand up paddleboard looks very similar to a surfboard and it comes with a single blade paddle, which you use to navigate alongside the coastlines, rivers or lakes. You can paddle either on your knees or standing up. If you are a beginner then on your knees would be a better choice until you get used to it and get your balance steady. Paddleboarding is popular as a form of exercise too!

Best places to visit with a stand up paddleboard

There are so many amazing places to visit in Scotland, it’s so hard to choose which ones to talk about. Our colleagues have visited the Outer Hebrides, there are a lot of beautiful bays and quiet coves to explore on your stand up paddleboard. It is located 8 hours away from Glasgow, but don’t let this deter you away from going there because if you are completing the NC500 or already planning to head up North then it’s technically pretty much on your way. 

If you are very new to a stand up paddleboard then exploring as part of a group or lesson would be great too! You get to learn a lot of tips and tricks from other folks that may have more experience than you. For this reason, here at Trax we recommend Perthshire where the river Tay and Loch Tay is located. A little birdy has told us that ‘Willowgate activity centre’ offers paddleboarding lessons and you can also book with ‘Beyond Adventure’ to explore stunning sights in highland Perthshire.

Now let’s talk about the paddler’s paradise Loch! You may have guessed it, it is Loch Ken. We have got this recommendation from a few customers of ours that have hired campervans at Trax and visited Loch Ken to paddleboard. While using a stand up paddleboard you can explore the shores of Loch Ken, it really is beautiful over there.  

What’s included with your stand up paddleboard set?

Within your stand up paddleboard set you will find the following items: Board, single paddle, air pump, fin, leash and a backpack. These items come as a standard with your paddleboard set. Over the past few years these have become more and more popular. 

Lochs for stand up paddle boarding

Average prices

The average price for a stand up paddleboard varies from £250 - £500. The paddleboards that are on the lower end of prices tend to not include everything you would need for a first time stand up paddle boarding experience and they are more flimsy. The paddleboards that are around the £500 mark on the other hand are more for the ‘expert’ level, so we have found that actually the stand up paddleboard that sits right in the middle is exactly what a beginner will need. You can purchase a stand up paddleboard from us on our website. You are welcome to collect it when you are collecting your campervan at the same time or if you prefer it to be posted to you beforehand then we can do that too. 

Safety checklist 

If you have never been paddleboarding then please make sure to check if it is safe to do so at the chosen location and if your equipment is safe to use. It is good to keep a safety checklist in mind. Here are the important safety tips before using your stand up paddleboard. Have you got a working leash? This is the number one on the list, as you don’t want to fall into the water and not be able to find your paddleboard. Do you need a buoyancy aid? This depends really, if you are wearing a suitable leash then your leash acts as a buoyancy, so you can hop onto your board easier when you fall off. If you want one to feel more safe, check out reputable suppliers who sell buoyancy aid. Does your board need any repairs? This is mostly a common sense question but please make sure you double check your stand up paddleboard before using it, if it needs any repairing. Have you inflated your paddleboard to the correct PSI? Most boards should be inflated to between 18-25 PSI pressure. If you don’t inflate your stand up paddleboard to the correct PSI then it may defloat or even burst. That would be a catastrophe! Paddleboarding will get easier and easier with practice but also when you wear appropriate shoes. Have you picked your wetsuit yet? Hopefully these safety tips have been helpful in some way and you’ll feel more confident hopping onto  a stand up paddleboard soon and trying it out.