How to use your VW Campervan



Starting with the cab. Our campers are a mix of automatic and manual. You need to tell us when you book your trip which you prefer, automatics are only available by request.


Located on the driver’s door is two buttons one with a padlock open and one with the padlock closed Press the button with the closed Padlock at night to lock the doors from the inside. If you use the button on the keys to lock the van you will set the alarm.


In the cab you will find everything you would expect in a luxury car…satellite navigation, cruise control, and a full Bluetooth system.




The best way to pop the roof is to sit in the front seats. Press the clasp and thread the straps through on both sides. Then push up on the roof. Once the roof is up you will see the roof bed platform. This can be pushed up to create more headroom.


When you bring the roof down you need to bring the roof bed down first. Then slowly start lowering the roof using the straps, as you are lowering the straps ensure all the canvas material is pulled inside the vehicle. Secure by pulling the straps tight. Make sure this is done properly before driving off.


Once roof is down push back up and clear canvas of clasp’s and pull through straps, so nothing is tucked away. Once the straps are straight pull straps through to tighten.




Moving out of the cab, you can see the fuel cap on the passenger side of the vehicle, you must open the passenger door to be able to open the cap. All of our campers are diesel.


You can also see a blue cap, which is for Ad Blue, you most likely will not have to refill this. However, if you do see the Ad Blue message pop up on your dashboard you need to contact a Rockin Vans Rep for more information.


Our campers are handed over to you with a full tank of fuel and must be returned back to us full.




All of our VW Camper are equipped with a control panel. You will need to press the on/off button, 12v button, this turns on the lights and the rest of the 12v system.


To turn the water pump on press the button with the tap symbol, this will allow you to use the tap at the sink. 


To check the water level in your tank, press the button with the square and waves inside of it. This will tell you a % of water left in the tank.


Press the button with the battery to check the voltage of the Leisure battery, press a second time for voltage of the driving battery.

You can turn the lights on and off individually by switching the sockets located around the camper.




All of our campers are equipped with a leisure battery facility. This means you can use the 12v electric system even when you are not plugged into a campsite. This includes the cigarette lighter, the USB, the fridge and all your lights. The only thing that does not work on the 12v system are the standard UK plug sockets. This means that things like your hairdryer or laptop charger will not work unless you are plugged into a campsite, however you can charge your phone off the USB charger.


To plug in at a campsite, find your orange hook up cable, which should be located in the back box of the camper. Move round to the driver’s side of the vehicle. Here you will see two black flaps, lift the flap with the lightning bolt symbol and plug your hook up cable in, then plug the other end into the campsite hook up point. You will now have full electricity in your camper.

If you don’t have electricity in your camper, please first check with the campsite that the electric hook-up point has power, contact the site managers and they will come over with a small machine to check. Second check the fuses in the camper. The fuses are located in the electric cupboard next to the bed.




Your gas system controls the gas cooker. To turn the system on you need to turn on the master control switch, which is located on the driver’s side in the cupboard as you are sat on the bed. You press the on/off button. The panel will light up and indicate the level of gas in the system. You are now able to light the gas cooker. Press and hold the ignitor whilst simultaneously turning the gas on.


Once you are finished cooking turn the gas off. Ensure you turn the system off at the master switch.


To refill the gas, you must go to a service station that has an LPG pump. Go to the rear of the van on the outside under the rear bumper you will see the gas pipe and refill location. You must connect the pump to the pipe under the bumper and fill accordingly.

The camper does not need to be returned full to depot as gas is included in your rental.







The water refill point is located on the driver’s side of the vehicle next to the electric hook-up point. This can be refilled at campsites and fuel stations very easily. Your tank holds 30 liters of water.




To convert the camper into nighttime mode, place one hand behind the seat and with your right hand pull the leaver. Rotate the first portion of the until it lies flat. Then pull on the bar below to make the second portion flat. Finally, with your right hand pull the leaver to release the third part of the bed.


You can put the bed away by reversing the previous steps.



You are responsible for the tyres during your hire. In the event of a puncture, if you feel confident to change please do so. If not, please contact the breakdown number which is on the front of this sheet.


The spare tyre is located underneath the camper at the rear. You need to locate the jack and spanner tool (usually in the back box) Once you have completed the change, please put damaged wheel back under the camper.